Her Life In Season


Welcome to my blog!

Who am I? What am I doing here?

What I want to know is.… who are you?

Are you someone who is struggling? Someone who’s been hurt?

Maybe you’ve found yourself somewhere in life, and you’re confused as to how you even got there.

Now, you’re someone who is searching…

Do you have questions about God? About the Bible?

Are you anxious? Discontent? Overwhelmed?

Have you found yourself feeling… stuck? … Or bothered…. But, you’re not sure why?

Because, I’ve been all of those things… and still am sometimes.

But who I am now, is not who I was in the beginning.

And I’m here hoping to help you find out who you can be….

and who you don’t have to be.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned so far… and what I’m learning now… in each SEASON.

To possibly shed a little bit of light in your dark corners, a light of HOPE.

I’m Sara, & I’m a friend.


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