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Welcome to Her Life In Season

My name is Sara and I’m so glad that you’re here.

I want to talk to you about my blog name. It just came to me, from the Lord that is.

Out of the many things that I have gone through and learned in my life…. One of them is that life comes in seasons. And I really believe that when we learn that…. believe that….and embrace that…. It helps us appreciate the good times more, and get through the tough times with a more positive attitude. Nothing lasts forever. Things always change.

And that’s okay, because we’re supposed to change right along with it.

For the better, of course. And as we learn how to follow God more and more in each season, change for the better is inevitable…. maybe even effortless sometimes.

In my happy place, Her Life In Season, I want to walk through my seasons with you. I plan to write about a lot of messy and vulnerable things…. In the hopes that many will find someone who understands….. someone to relate with….. someone to learn from….and maybe even someone to share with, if you feel comfortable. Some topics I will cover include ANXIETY, CHRONIC HEALTH STRUGGLES, FAITH LESSONS, and MISCARRIAGE.

But for now, here are a few facts about me:

♥  I live in the panhandle of Florida

♥  I am daily seeking to know and follow Jesus Christ

♥ I am Owner/Founder of a successful Short Term Vacation Rental Business

♥  I have designed and built many homes with my husband

♥  I got married when I was barely 19. (And I’m still married. *wink*)

♥  I have 1 son who is 1 year old

♥ I’ve had two miscarriages

♥  I have struggled with severe panic and anxiety attacks

♥  I’ve learned a decent amount about holistic health because of my own health journey

♥  I have a long-haired German Shepherd. (Yes, they come that way)


I hope you’ll stick around so we can learn life together and take one day at a time.

This is a blog, where I can look back, and see ….

Her Life In Season




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