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When I chose the name for my blog, it really must have been the Lord working through me prophetically. I thought I knew what it meant to go through life in seasons. But really, God wanted to just begin to start to show me….

How to embrace the moment and the season that I am in. Because there will be many… and they will all be temporary.

I believe I am still in the beginning stages of this. But I find it so crazy, (yet not so coincidental), that God dropped Her Life In Season into my heart over two years ago now. Not only do I believe it will be a lesson and a reminder for many future days to come…. But it is also a lesson for a day such as today.

Maybe you’re like me, and you find yourself in a season of….. wandering. Let’s talk about it….

I can only remember ever being in a season of wandering one other time in my life. And that was when I had just graduated High School and College at the same time.

I had done a dual enrollment program and was technically 2 years ahead of most others…. I should be feeling pretty chill at this point, right? But, all my other friends were graduating and going off to college. Knowing what they would major in and where….

I couldn’t seem to get a peace in my spirit about those decisions. Out of impatience, (and even a little shame), I chose to go after a basic business management degree. I chose and registered for my classes, felt committed and ready. But when the time came to purchase all the school books….. my nagging lack of peace just wouldn’t leave me alone!

My parents agreed to pay for the books, since I had gotten a scholarship to cover the classes. And after seeing the bill at the checkout counter… (college books are insanely expensive!)….. I couldn’t justify it.

We did finish checking out, and loaded the books into my trunk. But shortly after I returned all the books, got my parents money back, and dropped out of all the courses.

I remember feeling so lost. So confused. I didn’t know what to do…. What was I SUPPOSED to be doing? It felt like all my friends were leaving me behind, right along with life, as it passed me by.

I asked myself questions…

“Am I wasting time?”

“Am I making a big mistake?”

“Will I regret this?”

“Will I never get back to college, like the rumors say?”

Well that season was not too long, thankfully. All the answers soon became clear as to why I didn’t get the peace about school. And I just sort of seemed to slide right out of that funk. (Maybe I’ll write about that another time).

During that time in my life, I was saved…. But I understood a fraction of what I understood now about the Holy Spirit and how He works in our hearts and lives. But even still, I followed my peace, (or the lack thereof), and the Lord got me through to the next season.

And now, I find myself in a similar season. I’ve stepped back from my responsibilities in our business… allowing me to have ample personal time…. Yet I am struggling to find purpose and to know what I am supposed to be filling that time with.

I find myself asking similar questions again….

“Did I make a mistake by stepping away from the business?”

“Am I wasting time?”

“Will I regret letting go of the responsibilities I held?”

They made me feel purposeful…. And in control. They gave me a sense of importance…. The feeling of being needed somewhere. (Those are NOT bad things).

The Lord has been showing me many things in this season. One of which is the fact that I had been placing my identity in those aspects of my life. And that’s not where He wanted me to put my identity. Hence the reason why I feel so… “off”. I could even use the word “lost”.

If you’re feeling this way, know that these are normal feelings. And it’s ok to feel them. It’s ok to ask the questions…. Good even. Because that’s where God can meet you, and show you things about yourself you didn’t see.

The Lord has been showing me, (and then reminding me again), that although I may feel lost….. He knows exactly where I am. He SEES me. And because I am seeking Him whole-heartedly…. He is bringing me where I need to go.


And He hasn’t lost you either, friend.

Surprisingly, He showed me recently that He actually has me in this seemingly “dry” season for a reason. He needs, and wants me to have the time and opportunity to dive into some things with Him. To do some deep inner healing. To dig deeply into His word. And to figure out where my true identity has been this whole time…. So that I can begin to place it where it belongs.

If I have the proper perspective of this tough season, I believe that I can even find myself enjoying it. Because I believe that I won’t always have this time and solitude to do the things God wants me to. What a blessing it actually is.

I challenge you to take the time to be still, and ask God why you’re in the season you are in right now. His answer to you could be a number of things…. He could be training you up for something. He may need you to make a change before you can move forward…..

Whatever it is…. when the God of the universe gives you a reason…. You BEGIN to find the peace and ability to be able to EMBRACE THE SEASON and EMBRACE THE MOMENT…. Because you know there is a purpose in it. And if it’s a tough one, remember that it is only temporary.


Until next time… let’s take one day at a time.




Her Life In Season




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