I’m Trying To Start A Blog


Hello there,

Starting A Blog is Awkward…


I understand that I am pretty much talking to myself at this point. But, let me tell you something…. let me tell tell you what I am doing at this very moment!

What I am literally doing at this moment is…… I am starting a blog!

I talked to people and I told them, “I am going to start a blog!”

“Yay!” They replied

“That’s so cool,” They said.

“You definitely should do that,” they encouraged.

So, excited and motivated, I put together a site, (sort of). I made it look all pretty, (at least I think so anyway). And then… I sat there. And I stared at the screen. Then I stared at the wall….. Then something caught my eye; I got distracted and put my computer down.

This happened several times. Until, a few months later… I still had not posted my first blog post. After all that work of getting a website up and running! ( I even got that fancy little lock pad next to my URL, saying that I am secure!)

I kept hesitating as I asked myself….. What do I say?

Where do I start?

What do I talk about?

What will people want to read?

I have ideas, but none of them seemed right for a first post.

I’ve heard many people say, “Just start.”

I don’t really know what they meant. But, after too much over-thinking and time-wasting…..I decided that I would literally just start by posting a blog post.


Even though it’s insignificant and not entertaining at all…. I DID IT!

I spit in the face of awkwardness, and fear, and procrastination to bring you this post.

Is it good? Goodness no.

Am I blabbing? Probably some.

But nonetheless, I am happy to be here. Happy to finally be hitting the “PUBLISH” button. And happy to start this new journey with whoever the heck will take the time to listen to what I have to share.

This is step #1 of trying to live life, one moment at a time.


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