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Hello again!

I wanted to briefly introduce another blog series…..

If you have come across any of my “Health Jounrey” articles, this is the premise for all of them. I had an idea….. how can I help God bring GOOD out of all of my BAD health stories? By spreading my experience and gained knowledge with everyone else!

Okay, so at the present moment that I am writing this, I am 33 years old. 33 years young, I should say. Which is why it may be surprising to some of you that I could have much to say about health.

Growing up I was super blessed with good health, not a lot of things to worry about or figure out.

But my goodness…… for some reason when I was around 24, I started an awful streak of what has felt like never-ending health issues. (I say “for some reason”, but I think I know at least part of the reason I have dealt with certain issues, which I will eventually get to in this blog series).

Praise God that none of them have been anything too serious, (although I didn’t always know that at the time).

In the past 9 years I have dealt with anemia, protein deficiency, anxiety & panic attacks, MTHFR issues, miscarriages, chronic headaches, chronic neck & shoulder pain, stomach and indigestion issues, heart palpitations, blood thinning shots, vitamin B deficiencies, food sensitivities, low stomach acid, post nasal drip, hormone imbalances, chronic sinus issues, skin issues, clogged lymph nodes, a terrible pregnancy, and dysautonomia and POTS……

…..and all the symptoms that come along with these things.

PHEW! (I probably missed a few too).

I have been to many chiropractors, massage therapists, holistic doctors, regular doctors, and even acupuncturists. My husband and I have also been our own doctors a lot of the time, (I should say that we try to let the Holy Spirit be our doctor).

Also, my husband has had his fair share of health obstacles as well, and I have learned from helping him through them: Adrenal fatigue, sciatic pain, and severe muscle tension to name a few.

I can almost get sad thinking about all the things I’ve had to deal with. But instead, I try to be so happy and grateful that God has seen me through them all. And that also, because of them all, I have learned so much, and become stronger in many ways.

That is why I am here right now. I really feel I have learned a lot more than the average 31-year-old, and I want to help others with what I have learned by talking about my own personal health journey, and how it has unraveled over time. There is power in our testimonies ya’ll.

I want to help others figure out things that most doctors don’t always know or understand. (That can be VERY frustrating). I want to help others AVOID some of these health challenges as much as possible, or overcome them quickly. I want to help you guys make more educated decisions about your health and diet.

Because of this journey that I did not choose, I have come to learn something about myself that has surprised me: I can get really excited and intrigued about learning new things about the human body, it’s systems, how and why things function the way they do…..etc.

When I have a friend come to me and tell me about some random symptoms they have been experiencing, I immediately start thinking about simple, holistic solutions that could help them, things they wouldn’t initially think about, and things that most doctors won’t tell you, (or don’t know). It might sound weird to say, but sometimes I find myself viewing individuals as puzzles…. intricate puzzles that can be put back together, every piece of the puzzle revealing more and more of the larger picture of what’s going on in their bodies.

LOL. All this to say… I AM EXCITED TO HELP!

Unless something is very serious or debilitating, I always prefer to come at things from a holistic stand-point. I will let you know that up front. But I have gotten doctors involved, when necessary, as well.


I hope you’ll follow along so that you’ll see when I post on a topic that could be relevant to you or a loved one. Dont hesitate to subscribe below!

I love talking about the things I’ve been through and learned, and look forward to helping in any way.

Until next time, take one day at a time.





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